Why You Need a Message Map for Your Digital Marketing

As we all work on being consistent and doing our best to stay relevant on social media, I wanted to speak about the importance of having a Message Map.

A Message Map literally acts as the foundation of your messaging and your overall plan Content scheduling is now where you decide HOW your message will be brought to life (whether video, infographic, photo, etc) and will also determine your post frequency (whether you post 5 times a week or 15, depending on your own research of your audience). ⁣tent consistent and also gives the allowance for quick changes where needs be. ⁣

The most important thing to understand about message mapping is that it focuses on the desires, needs, and emotions of your target audience. To achieve your desired results of engagements, gaining community, and most importantly gaining sales conversions, you must understand what your audience interests are. Use the information you know about them to tailor your message.

Message maps are not only important because they enable your audience to follow your brand’s journey and communication but is great for internal use within your biz and brand. How? Every department within your biz will be on the same wavelength about what needs to be accomplished and so everything being produced will be in one accord.

Finally, I just want to point out that content scheduling and message mapping, though they are quite different in nature, they work hand-in-hand to ensure that you are not feeling lost in what you should post on your page at any given point. These two literally work together to take the day to day stress off you, and also even helps when you are trying to direct your team in terms of content creation and scheduling. ⁣

With all of this in mind, it is my hope that you can benefit from this info and remove some of the pressure you’ve been placing yourself under by trying to come up with ideas on a daily basis WHILE you try to build your empire. Swerve. ⁣

Feel free to contact me if you want a bit more assistance where these are concerned.

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