Why You Need A Content Schedule for Your Digital Marketing

It’s time to stop scrambling for content and make a plan! Here’s why you need a content schedule for your digital marketing:

Frequency & Consistency

Content scheduling is all about the development of HOW your message will be brought to life (whether video, infographic, photo, etc) and it also determines your post frequency (whether you post 5 times a week or 15, depending on your own research of your audience). ⁣The most important thing to remember is that consistency is key when it comes to social media. When you schedule your posts your messages will be consistent as well as post frequency. If you maintain this, your followers will have a reason to come back to your page or a reason to follow. 

What Works and What Doesn’t 

Not only can you rest easy knowing that you know what’s coming next but when you’ve posted a series of similar posts, analysis becomes easier as well. You can see where your audience lost interest, which posts were the most and least popular. One thing that is sure to work is building out your brand story through the way your posts are planned out. This will allow your audience to develop emotional attachments to your brand and will pull more interaction from them. 

Content Schedules & Digital Marketing

Content schedules work hand-in-hand with message mapping to ensure that you are not feeling lost in what you should post on your page at any given point. The message map is a broad outline while content schedules are very detailed and involved content creation. These two literally work together to take the day to day stress off you, and also even helps when you are trying to direct your team in terms of content creation and scheduling. ⁣

If you are in need of some guidance, I would love to hear about your business and help you develop a strategy that will make your digital marketing less stressful. 

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