5 Tips to Help You Attract Your Ideal Client

I know that attracting your ideal client on social media can feel difficult but it doesn’t have to be.⁣ When you’re clear about what you have to offer and fully believe that persons can benefit, work on implementing strategies that reel your ideal clients in. Here are some tips that help to support your strategy development:⁣

First of all... you’ve gotta be clear on who your ideal client actually is 

This goes beyond identifying a target audience. It requires you to get into their minds and figure out their likes, dislikes, desires, pain points, and more. Things that help to build a profile that can assist with relatability. Can someone say research? Yup! You have to be as detailed as possible because the more you know about them is more you can speak to them directly and set yourself up as just an authority in their lives but as the solution to their problem.

Step up your hashtag game 

This is the one big thing that’s gonna help your prospective tribe to see you! Your carefully selected hashtags will be those that are where your ideal client hangs out, and not solely what you THINK they may type into that search bar. ⁣When you do find out which hashtags are suited for you ensure that they are mixed in sizes. You don’t want all your hashtags to be in the millions or almost unused. Why? Because you will either be lost in the wind or never to be found. 

Create content that connects 

This is so important because that’s actually what makes them decide whether or not they’re gonna stay with you after you’ve attracted them. So, after you’ve done your research and figured out what they’re struggling with, what their desires are and the type of lifestyle they love, find unique ways to appeal to that while staying true to who you are. ⁣

Provide value based on your core services

This is so important. You’ll learn that persons will follow a business page because they literally want to know more, especially when it’s a service-based business. So, quench that thirst and provide them with that information for them to chew on. This also simultaneously positions you as an authority in your industry and that will eventually lead to credibility, and they will develop trust and even a desire to subscribe to your business. ⁣

Reach out to them in order to attract them 

Truth is, social media is easily saturated by a number of things and your people are on social media consuming a lot of different content and interacting with many people they may be used to. Therefore, you need to hop into their space (not like a stalker) and help them to know you’re there! Search through the social media platform you have chosen to use, observe some pages, then get a conversation going, and later suggest how you could be of service to them.  

All this boils down to strategy and so if you're not too sure how to tie all this together, contact me and let's see how I can help you realign your brand to attract your ideal client.

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