5 Tips for Building a Solid Online Brand

So, boss, you want to build a solid online brand... well, put these in place and see the awesome shift that takes place! ⁣

Stick a pin, there are other actions that can be incorporated, of course, but these help to provide you with some fundamental shifts as you push forward online. So, let’s go!⁣

Identify your key brand elements 

Do this so that you can focus on HOW you will be presenting your business’ offerings online. Elements include brand Colours, voice, fonts, causes, Core messages, and language. These will help with relatability as you build your digital community. ⁣They will also make your brand more identifiable to your audience.

Identify your target audience 

When you do this you will have a clear picture of who you’re talking to. With this, try to be as detailed as possible as you want to be as direct as possible. ⁣The more zone in you become, in terms of your audience’s interests and daily lifestyle, is the more relatable your brand messages will be. Once you accomplish this, your audience will know that your solution is perfect to solve their problem.

Decide on one digital platform 

As you seek to be more deliberate about building your online brand, you need to find and focus on where your target audience is. When you focus/narrow it down, you develop a rhythm for your brand on that platform which assists with consistency and connection with those you are reaching out to. ⁣

Develop a Message Map 

This will be the skeleton or framework on which you pen potential messaging for future posting. Using this map you will then build a content schedule that acts as a visual representation of those messages. This helps to explore creativity, build consistency, and position you as a go-to based on the information you present and how you present it. ⁣

Show up on video 

Go ahead and remove the digital barrier! When persons are considering purchasing from someone based on their online presence, it’s a big help when they feel like they know who they are buying from. In the same way that business is generally built on relationships, the idea is to apply that concept to digital, making the experience as human or personable as possible.

As you can imagine, most of these tips are firmly supported by you doing some amount of research. So, be willing to do so in order to enhance the quality of the results you’ll receive when you put these in place!⁣

Need some more guidance? Contact me and we can discuss how I can support you. ⁣

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