3 Things you can do to Dominate Digital

Hey there! So we are still on the topic of dominating digital.

The reality is, we can toss all the theoretical things around in this space but gimme the practical ish, please.

I've witnessed it, heard about it, and experienced it in terms of persons getting burnt-out in trying to do all the things here in the digital space and maybe you can agree... it's not cute.

So, I'm spilling the tea on the very advice I give all of my clients and even my team. It's simple as systemizing and automating, building a message map, and batch content creation. These three things are game-changers and when you try them out, I promise that you'll see and feel a difference. So let's explore each a bit more.

1. Systemize and Automate

Trying to do every single task that you need in order to be posting consistently while you actually work on your craft is exactly the thing that's going to drive you up the wall. You need to sit down and identify the things that need to get done surrounding your creative or business expressions and then see how you can first simplify things, then systemize, then automate.

Creating a system allows you to arrange and organize the tasks you need to carry out on specified days or in a specified timeframe instead of operating in chaos. While automation allows you to carry out those tasks more efficiently. Efficiency is the key that helps you to be consistent with your content. Not automating your system causes you to put more pressure on yourself which leads to burnout over time.

2. Build a Message Map

Sometimes, we start to become inconsistent with our posting because we get stuck! We start fiddling around to identify what we should post about next and how that messaging will resonate with our audience. Because we're putting that pressure on ourselves in the midst of actually working on our craft and serving others, we eventually become frustrated and land back at square one. Message Mapping solves that problem and basically includes identifying and crafting a list of all the topics or content that you would like to cover over a specified period of time.

You can take your Message Mapping a step further by adding minor points that can support your major points of discussion if that is the type of content that you are creating or sharing with your audience. So think of Message Mapping as basically the key to being prepared at all times.

3. Do Batch Content Creation

Falling in line with both your Systemization and Message Mapping efforts, batch content creation is that thing that you never knew you needed to do! Admittedly, it can seem very intimidating at first and make you feel pressured to create. However, we are playing for the long game and that requires sustainability and the ability to serve at a high standard. In order to achieve those, there are some things, like content, that you need to get off your agenda so you can focus on other things.

If you really think about it batch content creation is literally a lifesaver for Creatives and Business Owners. It simple includes setting aside some time to create all the content (graphics and associated texts) that you will need for a specified timeframe that is predetermined by you and then scheduling them to go out. Saving you so much time.

There are other tips that I'll drop soon enough but these three top my list.

Do you have any that you'd recommend? Drop em below so we can do better for ourselves as a community


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