3 Reasons Your Digital Presence is Hurting Your Digital Marketing

Yup, you’re hurting your brand through how you’re showing up on digital and you don’t even know it!⁣

Remember, your brand is the personality of the company... it is how your company is strategically represented in whichever arena it is placed in. Depending on the base for your business, you can be represented on AND offline or just online. With that in mind, it is important to ensure that the bases that your biz has are properly used up by your brand. Otherwise, persons will not be able to connect in the way they need to. ⁣

Now, when I say digital (I don’t just mean Instagram, Facebook, or another single platform), I am talking about your overall digital footprint; Website & Social Media, and anything in-between. ⁣

Let’s focus on 3 particular things that are foundational and will level you up nicely if you decide to address them: ⁣

1. You’re not using social media like SOCIAL media.

This means you’ve gotta INTERACT. Engage your audience with activities, respond to private messages, and comments under posts. Ask questions and choose to be real and relatable for your target audience. Otherwise, there will be a perpetual brick wall up which ends up going against the semblance of a ‘people brand’ that you put out there. ⁣Important to note is that before you can do that, you need to decide on what social media platform is best for your brand. This would include finding out what platform your audience is on and planning the best way to be social with them there.

2. Your content ain’t 100%.... or possibly even 40%; So this one is an interesting one because creativity varies, standards vary and expressions vary.

However, there are some bits of information that we put out into the digital space to represent our brand that just doesn’t make it! Articles with terrible formatting issues and spelling, posts that just show that you were trying to get something together, low-quality images and videos, and the list goes on. Nobody is perfect and minds are different. Just be mindful that everything you put out there will be associated with your brand, so make it awesome. Another thing that you want to be mindful of is making sure that the posts you make will add value to your audience. Create content that not only showcases your brand and its offerings but things that are important to your audience. Doing this will allow your content to be both likable and sharable and will translate to more engagements as well as the more it is shared is the more brand awareness will rise.

3. You don’t have a website or external link that visitors can use for further reference, information, or action.

Truth is that social media captures so much and no more. When you use a website to shed more light on offerings, etc, it helps persons to connect more and be more informed. It is also important to ensure that your content is integrated. All your platforms must be communicating the same thing and must support and complement each other. They all work together to create an overall brand experience for your audience. do not make it hard for your existing and potential clients to get to you. ⁣

Have you secured these things? ⁣ If you are uncertain about how to develop the right strategy for communicating with your audience and where contact me and we can talk about which direction your business needs to head in.

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