Haul An' Pull Up

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The Experience that flipped EVERYTHING

For a solid five moths in my business, I generally knew what I wanted and I knew I was good at what I do.


But, on the back-end, I was frustrated and unhappy because funny enough, I was holding MYSELF back. That showed in my bank account; rounded out the end of my 5 months of active service to clients at a whopping US$1,500. 

That five months looked like:

  • Showing up for clients

  • Working with ideal clients and working with others that I just took on because I needed the funds

  • Feeling trapped because of the way I structured my programmes

  • Seeing my clients get results while I was sitting in the dark

  • Regretting the fact that I COMPLETELY lowballed myself even as I was encouraging others not to do the same.

I felt embarrassed... So, I stepped back from my biz & said I gotta get my business right and take some different steps.

Over my break I developed my Haul An Pull Up FRAMEWORK to get the needle moving for me in a faster, yet sustainable way.

I got off the break and implemented every single thing and within FOUR WEEKS I secured $10,500 for myself with other prospects already in the pipeline and structured things in a way where I am sure of my income for the next year, and counting!


I looked on the results and also in the Coaching & Consultation industry and said


"Mayn... so many others would truly benefit from these solid results!" 

I’m ready to help you gain internal and external results and will be helping you to solidify your




  • Foundation

    I'm a complete believer and advocate for the importance of establishing a solid foundation for your business so that it makes room for healthy scaling and growing in the months to come.

  • Offer(s)

    I learned that having a number of ideas is one thing, but when you're trying to sell ALL of them at the same time, you end up confusing your audience and yourself. So, it's about building signature offers and being strategic about how you manage the other ideas you have.

  • Systems

    No systems in your arsenal? You're setting up your business for disaster, and you for true overwhelm. It's absolutely important to not only develop and document your systems but to get them running efficiently for you.

  • Business Strategy

    We always hear about the strategies about Marketing campaigns. But, what about the times in the year that you're NOT actively launching... or what about your possible desire to NOT have to launch all the time. There must be a way to still attract your dream clients and make BANK! 


Can you imagine...

  • Feeling less confused about the way you should move forward for your business?

  • Feeling more secure because you don't have to comb through hours of information since you have foundations, offers, systems and strategies completely mapped out?

  • Feeling even more confident in talking about your offers because you've got substance behind your strategies?

Truth is, this can be achieved if you are willing to flip things for your business. To literally give it a HAUL AN' PULL UP!

How we'll get it done...

I'm prepared to offer you DONE-WITH-YOU support to solidify your sustainable transformation! Over 16 weeks, we'll be working together to flip your business. Here's what it will look like:

MONTH 1 FOCUS: 1 x 90-minute Foundational Call accompanied by a Foundational Kit valued at $1,275

MONTH 2 FOCUS: 1 x 3-hour Call focused on developing and documenting 1 or 2 signature offers that are aligned with your business model, coupled with complete templates for programme logistics valued at $3,475

MONTH 3 FOCUS: 1 x 3-hour Call focused on developing and documenting key systems that are aligned with your business model, coupled with establishing workflows and associated templates to compliment your signature offers valued at $5,675

MONTH 4 FOCUS: 1 x 3-hour Call focused on developing and documenting your base marketing and sales strategies which are aligned with your business model, coupled with a 90-day action plan and brand design templates valued at $7,875


All Yours for $5,997

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