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Firstly, let me say how happy I am that you're here! It means you're interested in seeing how I can guide you into your MORE. So... grab a seat & let's chat...

  • Have you found yourself wondering if THIS is it? If this is where your peak is? 

  • Have you been trying see how you can get more, if there even is MORE out there for you?

  • Just know that you are right; there is MORE for you and you can achieve it once you do what it takes to step things up.


  • If you could feel good about what you offer as services

  • If you could feel empowered in applying your strengths, passion and purpose to HOW you do business

  • If you could finally feel confident and clear about the way you want to move forward with your business and excited to present that through your brand

  • If you could build an engaged community around your brand

  • If you could feel good about the way you actually gain clients

  • If you could feel empowered about striking a balance between supporting clients and preserving your energy

Introducing the...

Ready to Elevate 1:1 Programme

This is a specially carved support and development programme for business owners who are ready to move to the next level for their business. This includes a pulling apart and combing through the back-end of your business and brand to ensure that there is cohesiveness and a solid foundation and developing a sales and marketing strategy that works, feels aligned to YOU and gets you meaningful sales online!


It then takes the step further in planning for deliberate growth and scaling within your business, using the Thrive Formula developed by Coach Cee.


Yup, it is so important to focus on reconnecting with the person at the core of your entire business, brand and strategy. YOU. The truth is that if we're not doing business in an aligned way, we allow a huge disconnect to make its way into our business and that makes so many aspects that much harder to carry out.

Then, that leads to frustration, confusion, and more. So, we spend time ensuring that you are completely fine in terms of your mindset and the associated actions.


I am a firm believer that you can't seek to build an empire on a shaky foundation. 

With that in mind, we'll be partnering to build a solid business and brand foundation which will incorporate all the core aspects of brand and business building. 


It's one thing to put your business and brand together in a tasteful way. But, it's another thing actually developing a strategy that puts the right message in front of the right people. 

So, we work together to build a strategy that is nested in Digital platforms, to help you build your community and also gain meaningful conversions for your online business.


With all efforts of developing a winning foundation and strategy, the net level requires a deliberate and expectant view of your business' future, and to therefore plan with that in mind.

So these efforts will be surrounding scaling and product development, as well as revenue control. 

Sandy Beach

Who's this for?

1. YOU if: you honestly don't feel connected with the WAY you run your business and showcase your services.


2. YOU if: you want a programme that gets down to business and works through YOUR material directly and gets you results. 

3. YOU if: you are an online, service-based business owner.

4. YOU if: you want to feel confident in ONLY working with ideal clients rather than trying to make any sale you can find.

5. YOU if: You want to master key aspects of running your business AND getting yourself seen

6. YOU if: You want confidence and clarity with a personalized strategy that actually works, and you fully understand.

7. YOU if: You want to grow and scale your business healthily.

Programme Duration:  24 weeks 




  • You'll gain true alignment, confidence & clarity in terms of your business & brand.


  • You will have a completely mapped out business and brand that positions you for healthy growth and scaling.


  • You'll receive tangible strategies that work and are personalized to help you gain visibility.


  • You'll feel empowered in charting your own path as a Solopreneur and gaining clients based on that energy.


  • You'll gain a much better understanding of how you can maneuver the online space




  • Lifetime access to 6-module course, Align & Thrive


  • Bi-weekly planning and strategy calls


  • Consistent access to Coach Cee through WhatsApp Messenger


  • Consistent Access to Coach Cee via email to facilitate document reviews

  • Automatic access to all webinars/masterclasses hosted within the period.


  • 50% off  ALL other courses offered by AIBM by Cee

Just a lil Background




Before I transitioned into this business, I was constantly craving something MORE. I felt trapped by the 9-5 culture, I wanted to earn money that could actually land me in a comfortable financial position, and I wanted to do something that gave me enough flexibility to do ministry, travel and eventually become a stay-at-home mom!


Those desires manifested in me spending a lot of time in prayer, checking in over and over with my husband and eventually, leaving my 9-5 in the middle of a Pandemic!


Entering the online space was absolutely intimidating and honestly a lot to maneuver and learn, but with dedication I finally found my rhythm and it CHANGED THE GAME! So, I made it my point of duty to ensure that any programme I provide to business owners who are either just starting or looking to take their biz to another level, would offer guidance for a whole experience so they are fully equipped to thrive!


Truth is, my journey to this point has been filled with so many experiences, and that has uniquely equipped me to offer such a comprehensive programme. My style includes the use of coaching techniques and tangible activations that are associated with being a strategist that's ready to guide you into new territory with your business.



I'm a Brand & Business Strategist by profession with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media & Communications with a Public Relations specialization and I am also the owner of the registered business, Atom Inc. Brand Management Co. Ltd (AIBM), hence AIBM by Cee.


In terms of experience, I have:

  • Over 10 years exposure to a mix of small businesses and corporate entities, in both entry and Senior Posts (primarily in Manufacturing, Real Estate, Law, Finance, Education, Administration, Events, Media and Entertainment)


  • Just over 9 years in Public Relations (media & entertainment, manufacturing, law, finance, health)


  • Approximately 7 years in Marketing and specifically, Digital Marketing (lifestyle & corporate brands)


  • 5 years of being an Entrepreneur


I am definitely looking forward to seeing how best I can guide you into the next level for your business and brand!


What my clients say about working with me

Anita Mitchell

CEO of Transcendent Cooking by Anita

Jennifer Ward

CEO of Assigned Financial Solutions

Palm Trees Beach View

The Investment

Full Investment: $5,400

Available Payment Plans:

Full Payment: $5,400


2 Equal Payments: $2,700


6 monthly Payments:$900

12 monthly Payments:$450

Is this for Start-Ups or is this for persons who have been in business for a while?

This programme is absolutely perfect for someone who has been in business for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 18 months. As long as you have identified that you're honestly not where you want to be in business and you want alignment along with strategy, this is for you.

What if I can't afford this programme but REALLY want to work with you?

I completely understand, and that's why I have 3 supporting options to facilitate you nonetheless! These include my consultation services, my signature course and my membership programme. It's important to note though that this is the ONLY programme that gives anyone direct access to me for a prolonged period of time, provides a completely peronalized experience and offers such a high level of guaranteed transformation. My other offerings, though, will definitely deliver fabulous results because the heart of my business is to make a true impact no matter what.

What are your general expectations of participants?

I honestly want to work with persons who are passionate about stepping into the next level and doing what it takes to get there. That includes showing up on time to calls, completing assignments and completing coursework. I also expect us to have mutual respect in terms of access times to facilitate a great experience.

Is this the only time this programme will be available?

Th e programme is consistently available unless spots are booked out.

What's the sign-up process like?

Step 1: Complete the application

Step 2: The form will go through processing

Step 3: You will receive an email inviting you to hop on a 30 minute call

Step 4: You'll receive an email advising of the way forward

Step 5: Contract & Invoice

Step 6: Onboarding Experience Begins

With everything you're going to receive in this programme, you'll not only be equipped with more knowledge in your business, you'll also find solace in the fact that you will be running a business that feels completely aligned to how you are as a Solopreneur.

It's time to secure your

Confidence, Clarity, Community & Conversions

You ARE made for MORE!

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