Just a lil Background


I’m a Communications Strategist by profession with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media & Communications with a Public Relations specialization.


I am also the owner of the registered business, Atom Inc. Brand Management Co. Ltd (AIBM), hence AIBM by Cee.


In terms of experience, I have:

  • Over 10 years exposure to a mix of small businesses and corporate entities, in both entry and Senior Posts (primarily in Manufacturing, Real Estate, Law, Finance, Education, Administration, Events, Media and Entertainment)


  • Just over 9 years in Public Relations (media & entertainment, manufacturing, law, finance, health)


  • Approximately 7 years in Marketing and specifically, Digital Marketing (lifestyle & corporate brands)


  • 5 years of being an Entrepreneur


I am definitely looking forward to seeing how best I can guide you into the next level for your business and brand!

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